Nàna Páuvoli

Nàna Páuvoli was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been writing since she was 11 years old. She has a degree in History and worked as a teacher for 17 years. In 2011, she published excerpts from one of her novels on the internet and it went viral. She got the contract to publish the novel A coleira (The Leash) and left the teaching profession to dedicate herself entirely to writing. Since then, she has published more than sixty novels and has become one of the greatest references in erotic romance and new adult literature in Brazil.
A name that is always on all Amazon bestseller lists, with hundreds of thousands of copies of her books sold and hundreds of millions of pages read on Kindle Unlimited, Nàna has novels published by important Brazilian publishers, such as Planeta and Rocco, and several books sold or optioned for audiovisual adaptation by important Brazilian and foreign producers, such as Glaz, Galeria, Globo, and others. The author also has a strong and active fan club called “Nanetes”, composed of approximately 100.000 people who follow her on social media and tirelessly promote her work. She is very active on social media and participates in literary events a lot.
A heroine looking for a different life. An inexperienced and nontraditional hero.

Nicolly has decided she’s going to die. After years in an abusive relationship with a man she doesn’t love, she no longer recognizes herself. Then, she comes up with a solution: fake her own death and leave everything behind. All she wants is to start a new life in a place where no one knows her. Nicolly becomes Maria and trades a luxurious and vain life in the big city for tough work as a daily routine in the countryside.

Emanuel is living a peaceful life. Despite the desire to leave and explore the world, he remains in the same small town where he was born and raised, helping his grandmother on the small farm where they live. He spends his days taking care of the animals and the harvest alone until he hires Maria, a beautiful and mysterious outsider looking for a job.
Emanuel and Maria become inseparable and spend all their time together, taking care of the chickens, picking apples, and getting to know each other. Day after day, an overwhelming feeling grows between the two of them. But then, Nicolly’s past cannot stay buried for long, and they’ll have to battle for their happily ever after.

Publication/Status: Published by Planeta (Brazil) in August 2023. [258 pages]

English sample available.
THE SECRETS SERIES is composed by the author’s most famous and bestselling books, six gripping novels: WOUNDED, WOUNDED AGAIN, SEDUCED, SURRENDED, FORBIDDEN and MY WAY. Every book has millions of pages read, topped Amazon’s bestseller lists, and sold thousands of print and digital copies. The series follows the saga of a wealthy family of farmers and landowners whose story begins in 1970 with a violent act of vengeance.
Each book tells the life of one of the family’s heirs, their loves and dreams always facing obstacles related to a fight between two clans, which dates to their parents’ youth. Five books are about the heirs in the family, and the last is about the patriarch. What did he do that created so many secrets.

Publication/Status: Published by Planeta (Brazil) along 2018 and 2019. Film/TV rights optioned by a major American producer.

English sample available.