FML Pepper

The only Brazilian among 12 distinguished women writers listed by Amazon, in 2015, and the first distinguished fiction writer on Amazon Brazil in 2016, FML Pepper is considered the precursor of the Romantasy genre in Brazil. She summarizes her literary experience in one word: magic! Having to spend nine months in bed due to a high-risk pregnancy and on the edge of depression, the renowned dentist found a great love: young-adult fiction, which she decided not only to read but also to write.
Nine months later, Pepper could hold in her arms a beautiful baby boy (a Prince Charming!) and Don’t Stop!, a romantasy trilogy published by Amazon and Editora Valentina, which sold over 150 thousand copies (print and e-books) and had 15 million reads on Amazon. Her sweeping style when describing characters and their fantastic worlds gave her 120.000 followers and unconditional admirers who are constantly interacting on her Fan page, Twitter, and Instagram with enthusiastic comments about their experience with Pepper’s literature.
What if the Goddess of Life were the messenger of death? What if people’s redemption come precisely from the dark side of the being meant to save them?

A divine punishment. A prophecy of light. A doomed love.

Nailah’s heart is in shambles, just like the world surrounding her. The Kapak moons only confirm what she already knows: she is running out of time. How can she fulfill the promise she made to her dying mother in her arms? How can she fight and own her destiny if in Unyan unruly women face mortal consequences? How could her beloved Andriel bid for her if she was almost eighteen and had not bled yet? How could she not be sentenced to the cursed place when everything indicated she was infertile?
To free herself from such a terrible fate, would the warrior girl with hair of fire and a wounded soul give in to the indecent proposal made by the unattractive but charismatic nobleman Ron Blankenhein? And, to further bewilder her, how could she abide by the cries of the faceless figure of her strange premonitory dreams and follow the path of light, if it was precisely the voice of darkness that made her heart beat the strongest? Yes, goddesses could be unpredictable and… perverse! And Nailah would soon understand it.

Publication/Status: Published by Planeta (Brazil) in August 2023. [288 pages]
Here is a series of three urban Young Adult novels filled with action, romance and plenty of turning points, telling the story of a girl in love with her own death. The trilogy consists of DON’T STOP!, DON’T LOOK!, and DON’T RUN AWAY!. With over 120 thousand copies sold among paper and digital formats, the three books were best sellers for two years on Amazon, first place on the lists the day each one of the three was released.
The trilogy has an extraordinary number of positive reviews and is widely commented on literary blogs. It has been selected by Nestlé to figure on a campaign for literacy, having the digital content referred to in 45 million chocolate boxes. The epic adventure starts in the Amsterdam canals, travels to dark New York alleys and through Italian roads and highways, then crossing the Saara hot sands, to finally reach a parallel dimension with much suspense and thrill.

Publication/Status: Published by Editora Valentina (Brazil) along 2015 and 2016. Audio rights sold to Audible Brasil. Film rights optioned by a major American producer. [328 pages]
“Bad luck does not exist. But then neither does good luck. Life is a two-pan scale, and statistics are the weights.”

An unscrupulous girl with no faith was raised to be a thief. She has got the plan for an irreproachable, perfect sting, at least until she meets Madam Nadeje, an enigmatic circus psychic. Listening to her deepest secrets and some disturbing prophecies do not stop Rebecca, however, and she will have to deal with the aftermath. Her mathematical, logical world falls apart when she faces the psychic’s forethoughts, and her life becomes a nightmare. Chased by criminals, she believes her escape is the 13, the ominous number that shows up as a riddle. With the help of a young man met by chance at a coffee shop, Rebecca endures a journey with no way back but rather filled with dangerous and surprising routes.
Karl is a proud and passionate MMA fighter who lives a great disappointment. Unable to accept losing, he makes a stupid mistake and becomes the victim of an irreversible harm. With a clot in his brain, his life is hanging by a thread. Now, decided to hide his condition, he keeps on working at the coffee shop and having a calm life far away from the fights. A perfect plan, at least until he meets Rebecca. Would Karl give up being cautious and do whatever it took for Rebecca, even if what it took to reach salvation would be defeat? But, who on earth is Madam Nadeje? Is she really a powerful psychic or just another con artist? What shall we do when good luck becomes unfortunate, and misfortune is the answer? Look close and try to solve the riddle. But do not deceive yourself, for the answer is way beyond the bright number in the crystal ball. Way beyond… The 13!

Publication/Status: by Galera/ Record Group (Brazil) in August 2017.