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Luciana Villas-Boas

Partner / Founder

Luciana Villas Boas, Anna Luiza Cardoso and Miguel Sader are now LVB & Co. They are celebrating 11 years entirely dedicated to promoting amazing books and navigating the publishing industry — not to mention a successful business partnership with so many shared stories. But the team realized that the literary agency’s own name hadn’t been reflecting the people who make everything happen. A name change was due.

LVB & Co. new name honors founder Luciana Villas-Boas’ history, while also embracing Ms. Cardoso’s and Mr. Sader’s contributions to a company which is fully committed to its clients, always looking out for their best interests in terms of market visibility, business relationships, and publishing deals. As of September 2023, LVB & Co. holds 57 Brazilian authors in its portfolio, representing them to both Brazilian and international markets, and negotiating the screen rights to their books with producers, distributors, exhibitors, and streamers all around the world. Movie deals are in the house of hundreds.

The better part of the represented Brazilian authors’ work is fiction, of every kind: literary and commercial, YA and children’s literature; always original, compelling narratives and stories. LVB & Co. also brings outstanding non-fiction to the table — biographies, journalism, essays, and personal growth books.

There are currently 38 international agencies and publishing houses represented by LVB & Co. to the Brazilian literature in translation market, comprising European, American, and Canadian clients.

Many of them manage several catalogs with hundreds of titles each, meaning that, at any given time, our agency is involved with thousands of books. It’s literature as the most mysterious of Arts — as infinite, fascinating, and challenging as the universe itself.

Through its partnership with 12 first-tier international agencies, each acting on its own language territory, LVB & Co. has closed hundreds of deals for translating Brazilian works into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew. LVB & Co has independently earned translation contracts for Brazilian books in German and European Portuguese, as well as in Lithuanian, Galician, Croatian, Macedonian, Albanian, Amharic, and other remote languages.

This is a temporary entry — we mean to have a major website overhaul to start in 2024 —, but we have been fortunate enough to be able to keep visitor access to the authors’ roster, as well as the clients’ and co-agents’ links, in the meantime. The home page picture will change to one that portraits our team. The picture above is an old one, showing founders Luciana and Nelson Villas-Boas toasting to Francisco Azevedo, Alberto Mussa and Luize Valente, in the week when they signed up with the agency, almost 12 years ago. Two champagne flutes are cut off from the image. Nelson won’t be participating in LVB & Co.; during the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to retire. Except for him, it is the same old team with which authors and publishing professionals can always count on, now working with fresh enthusiasm and much more experience.


Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo – Brasil


Get to know about us:

Anna Luiza Cardoso studied Journalism and Law before graduating in Literature from Catholic University-Rio. She joined LVB & Co. as an intern in 2012, was immediately grabbed by the business and is currently a Partner at the agency. A lover of books, languages and trips, she believes that to be an agent is the job that fits her best. Anna runs LVB & Co. Rio de Janeiro office.

Anna Luiza Cardoso


Graduated in International Relations, Miguel Sader soon realized that what interests him most is promoting the international exchange of ideas and culture. With a predilection sometimes for fiction, sometimes for non-fiction, he also enjoys reading poetry. In the world of literary agency, he regrets that the good poetry of new authors does not lend itself to being represented.

Miguel Sader

Literary Agent

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Yasmin Ribeiro graduated in Journalism and has nurtured an intense passion for stories of every kind. She is part of the LVB & Co. team since 2020, solving technological hurdles and assisting in the submission of foreign books to publishers of works in translation, with emphasis on YA and children's literature catalogs.

Yasmin Ribeiro


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Nelson Villas-Boas was born in New York, but started his career with books in Rio. He was on the cover of Editora Best Seller’s edition of Alexandra Horowitz’ Inside the Dog, but his rise came only at LVB & Co.. He contributes to the agency blog and is responsible for security operations.

Nelson Villas-Boas

Blogger and Security Manager


LVB & Co. represents fiction and non-fiction authors to Brazilian publishers, the international book market and to Film/TV/Theater adaptation.

Publishers and Agencies

We also represent catalogs of international publishers and agencies into Brazil.


As literary agents, our primary goal is to maximize the value of books and the literary professions in the dynamic and ever-changing Brazilian market.


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